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How is Gold Appraised?

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A routine gold appraisal is the procedure of examining the worth of the gold. A qualified jewelry expert or gemologist will initially weigh the gold and take a look at it, and after that calculate a financial value based off the evaluation. The entire procedure usually takes about fifteen minutes or less per item, as the appraiser tests it, weighs it, and then inspects it.

Weigh: The appraiser will weigh the gold piece on a jewelers scale. It is than weighed in pennyweight or grams.

Test: The next step is done using hydrochloric acid. The appraiser will scrape the gold on a testing stone and apply a little drop of acid onto the gold and if there is no response, then the appraiser will determine that the piece is made of genuine gold.

Examine: Finally, the appraiser will inspect the gold with a 10x magnifying glass to check for any inclusions or abrasions, as this will impact the total resale worth.

Scrap: If the gold is going to be melted for scrap, the “examine” step is not necessary.


How Do Gold Buyers Calculate the Value of Gold Jewelry?

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According to APMEX, there are over ten elements that determine the present value of gold. Here are a few main elements that a gold buyer will take into account when determining your gold’s value:

  • The weight of the gold
  • The gold’s pureness
  • The present economy
  • Additional stones/value. For example, if your gold jewelry contains diamonds, the gold buyer will evaluate each diamond independently. Diamonds will factor into your gold’s value.

How Can I test the gold myself?

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There are a number of non-invasive methods to evaluate your gold in the house. Here are some examples:

  • Jewelry Scale: Weigh the gold yourself using a jewelry scale (it is recommend you borrow one from a reputable jeweler, because a cheap one may not be precise ) 
  • The Sink Test: Place your gold into a basin of water. Genuine gold is heavy and dense enough to sink. If it’s not real it will float. 
  • Magnet test: Use a magnet against your piece of gold. If it sticks it is not real gold. Genuine gold is not magnetic.


Tips for selling Gold

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Prior to selling your gold, consider these cash-for-gold tips: 

  • Know the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” before you sell your gold or diamond jewelry to just anyone. 
  • Research first. You do not need to decide on a gold buyer right away. (Your research will show that James Diamond has a flawless reputation) 
  • Compare Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews. You want to ensure you sell your gold to a company with an outstanding reputation. (James Diamond National Jewelry Manufacturing has more five star reviews than anyone in The Mount Pocono, Tannersville and Stroudsburg area.) 
  • Know the estimated value of your gold.
  • Make sure the gold is checked in front of you. 

With these tips in mind, you can securely sell your gold with confidence.  

Where can I sell Gold near me?

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You may be wondering: where’s the best place to sell my gold for cash? Without finding a trusted jewelry buyer, selling your gold; diamonds; or gold jewelry can be a hassle. Be sure to look for a trusted, reliable source. Research various private gold buyers in your location, read online reviews and ask relevant questions. If you take the necessary steps to find the ideal buyer, you’ll end up leaving with a big cash payout

Gold Buyers you can trust in

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Gold jewelry, gold coins, and scrap gold can yield a lot of cash in our present economy. Therefore, it is extremely important that you find a trustworthy cash-for-gold buyer in order to get the most cash for your gold. There are many gold buyers, pawn shops and jewelry stores out there, but we advise you to find a gold buyer with good reviews who you trust to authenticate your gold. Be especially cautious selling jewelry containing diamonds. You do not want a gold buyer to buy your gold jewelry and unfairly underpay you. Only experienced jewelers can determine the best value for your gold and make you the best offer. 


More tips for selling Gold

Best Way to Sell Gold Jewelry

Many locations advertise “we buy gold” loudly and brightly, but not all buy your gold at a fair price.  Make sure to thoroughly research your gold buyers before selling to them.
Where do they test your gold? At James Diamond Jewelry in Mount Pocono PA, we test your gold right in front of you. It should be that way with whatever buyer you choose.
The scales ought to be true-to-form and licensed by the state. You can even ask to have actually the scales evaluated in front of you for precision.
Deal with an organization that’s credible, reputable and in good community standing.




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