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Where are there Coin Dealers Near Me?

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Have you asked yourself, “Where can I sell my coins in the Poconos?” Or perhaps you wondered where to get cash specifically in the Tannersville, Mount Pocono, or Stroudsburg area for your coins. You can have several options to choose from when buying/selling coins: auctions;  some jewelry stores; large coin shops; and private coin dealers.

Auctions: Websites like eBay are convenient since transactions take place online. However, online auctions can yield less profit; you are not guaranteed the highest value for your coin’s worth.

Coin Shops: Coin shops are another option for buying/selling your gold and/or silver coins. Coin shops are frequently looking to build up their inventory. However, they also don’t always give you an offer that matches your coin’s true value. Some shops only give you a percentage of the melt value.

Coin Buyers: If you have a bit more time and desire the largest profit, private gold buyers are usually a favorable option. When you sell to private Pocono gold coin buyers, you can often negotiate with them for the best price.


How to find the Best coin Dealer in the Poconos

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When you are ready to sell your gold or silver coins in the Poconos, you want to make sure you are selling to a licensed and trustworthy person. As a result, you will get the most cash for your coins. Research the buyers’ credentials and years of experience. Our first recommendation is to check popular rating websites (e.g. Google, Yelp, etc.). There are several coin and gold dealers in the Mount Pocono, Tannersville, and Stroudsburg PA area. Some Pocono coin dealers give offer you a higher profit, so do your homework!  Be sure buyers are using a calibrated scale that follows professional standards. Whether your collection includes South African Gold Krugerrand or Canadian Gold Maple Leaf; you owe it to yourself to get the most cash for your coins. So when you are looking to sell coins or buy coins in the Tannersville; Mount Pocono; or Stroudsburg area, James Diamond from James Diamond National Jewelry Manufacturing Company is eager and willing to help!

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