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Selling Gold-Can I Sell My Gold Near Me?

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 Gold is for more than just making jewelry. Gold is also a very valuable commodity for investment purposes. During financial crises (e.g. a declining stock market), many investors will turn to gold to replace their money. Due to gold’s withstanding value, gold as well as other precious metals typically experience a drastic increase in value during these times. If you invested in gold; inherited gold; or have gold jewelry you can also trade it in for cash. If you are located around Mount Pocono; Tannersville; or the Stroudsburg area, James Diamond is a perfect contender to whom you may sell your gold. 

Where Can I Sell Gold In The Poconos?

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There are several locations to get cash for gold throughout the Pocono’s. After reading Google and Yelp reviews, it’s recommended to build a lasting relationship with a Pocono gold buyer. When you build a relationship with a gold buyer, he or she is more apt to treating offering you exclusive deals akin to a gold dealer). Most reputable jewelry dealers in the Mount Pocono, Tannersville, and Stroudsburg area will buy gold and diamonds.

Selling Gold To A Pawn Shop In The Poconos

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Beware of Pawn shops! Pawn shops buy and sell almost anything. The eclectic Inventory ranges from T.V.’s to guitars, to firearms, etc. Pawn shops consistently feature a diversified staff. Most staff do not have the expertise to correctly identify your items. Correctly evaluating the price of your gold is essential if you possess very valuable gold. Pawn shops are usually only helpful in urgent situations (e.g. if you immediately need cash and plan on repurchasing your items in the near future).However, most pawn shops offer minimal cash.


Should I Sell My Gold To A Cash For Gold Buyer In The Poconos?

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Use caution when selling your jewelry to a “Cash for Gold” business! Buying and selling jewelry and coins are their business’ only source of income. This does not just apply to a Pocono Gold Buyer (Cash for Gold) buyer. This caution should be taken everywhere you sell your gold for cash. Gold buyers want to make INSTANT, IMMEDIATE profit!

Why You Should Sell Your Gold And Gold Jewelry To A Reputable Jewelry Store

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Whenever possible, sell your gold and other jewelry to an established jewelry store. Only an experienced and reputable jeweler can accurately evaluate your jewelry’s value. Expert jewelers are especially desired when evaluating pieces with multiple stones where the algorithm is more complex. Examples of these pieces include various diamond qualities, precious stones, and different metals (such as platinum). As long as they have a reputable jeweler on-staff, jewelers should be able to correctly price your items. Any sharp jewelry dealer knows that giving great prices is a win-win situation! They can purchase gold, and you can be a lifelong customer!

Why Should I Sell My Gold To James Diamond National Manufacturing Company?

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James Diamond career launched 50 years ago in NYC’s Iconic Diamond District. He moved up to the Pocono’s over thirty years ago. Nobody in the area knows jewelry or the worth of jewelry in the Mount Pocono, Tannersville, and/or Stroudsburg area like James Diamond. Not only is he an expert in gold; diamonds; and jewelry, he is frequently referred to as the most honest jeweler. Even if James discerns that you can earn more money from another store/website, he will let you know. He will suggest where to sell your gold, silver, diamonds or jewelry. Check James Diamond out on Google and Yelp! After perusing his reviews, you too will want to sell your gold, silver, diamonds, and/or jewelry to James Diamond! 

We are a division of James Diamond National Jewelry Manufacturing Company. Over 5o years in the jewelry business. James Diamond is a name you can trust. Call or stop in today.

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