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Where's The Best Place to Sell Silver?

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Want to sell your silver near the Tannersville, Mount Pocono, and Stroudsburg area?Then the best place to sell your “silver near me” is right here! It doesn’t matter if you want to sell your silver bars; scrap silver; silver coins; or silver jewelry, there’s a buyer out there for you. Typically, the majority of people tend to sell silver through auctions, pawn stores, or private buyers (such as jewelry stores or cash for gold shops). At James Diamond National jewelry Manufacturing Company, we advise selling to private buyers, because they will offer you the largest cash payout. No matter where you sell your silver, be sure choose a buyer you trust.


How Do I Sell Silver?

Sell Silver Jewelry

Once you know who buys silver, you may be questioning how to sell your silver jewelry and/or silver bars, silver coins, or silver flatware.

The initial step to selling silver is to learn about the silver products and how to sell them. As the old saying goes, “knowledge is power.” The more you know about your silver/silver jewelry, the more effective your sale will be. Knowledge also prevents you from giving over your silver to greedy buyers.
An appraisal is the next step. Take your silver to a knowledgeable appraiser who can tell you the true dollar value of your silver.

    What Should I know About Silver?

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    Fine silver is composed of 99.9% actual silver and is a really soft metal. Sterling silver (925), on the other hand, has some copper added to it in order to make it stronger. Fine silver is considered too soft to for jewelry-making, so it is often used for bullion (gold or silver sold in bulks).                                                                             Sterling silver is far more commonly found in jewelry, flatware and other products. It is much sturdier. However, sterling silver is more likely to tarnish because of the added copper alloy. Unless someone is buying strictly to melt the silver, be sure to polish your silver prior to selling it.


      Tips For Selling Silver

      Silver Buyers near me

      With the following tips in mind, you’re bound to make the biggest cash payout when you sell your silver for cash.

      1. Make sure the buyer tests your silver right in front of you. James Diamond will never take your silver or any other precious metal out of your site.
      2. Scales must be correctly certified and calibrated. James Diamond scales are certified by the state of Pennsylvania to ensure accuracy.
      3. Read reviews about your selected buyer to see what other customers say. Credibility is extremely important. As of today, if you Google Search “Silver Buyers Poconos PA” you will see that James Diamond National Jewelry Manufacturing Company has 45 reviews with a 4.9 Google rating.

      We are a division of James Diamond National Jewelry Manufacturing Company. Over 5o years in the jewelry business. James Diamond is a name you can trust. Call or stop in today.

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