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Choosing Where To Sell Your Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry For Cash

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Many locations which advertise, “We Buy Gold” will likely buy diamonds for cash too. When selling your diamond for the highest cash profit, consider the following tips:

-Be present while your diamonds are being tested. You have the right to make sure the testing process is conducted with integrity.
-Inquire to ensure that scales are both calibrated and certified. James Diamond National Jewelry Manufacturing scales are all PA certified.

-Research the diamond buyer’s reputation. Diamonds buyers ought to have a great track record before you offer sell your diamond to them. Google diamond buyers to educate yourself on their testimonials. Furthermore, specifically Google “Jewelry stores,” because a pawn shop or a Cash-For-Gold business will not provide the expertise that an honest jeweler will have
-Consider your diamond buyer’s eagerness to purchase your diamond. Does (s)he appear overly eager/impulsive? Maybe your diamond is worth more than you think.


Selling Diamonds For Their Value

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The crucial component to a diamond’s worth are the 4 Cs—Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. These four factors will largely influence your diamond’s value:

 Color: Diamonds come in a variety of colors (colorless, faint yellow, pink, etc.). Standard diamonds, however, are categorized under a large spectrum of colors represented by letters D-Z. A standard diamond will range from colorless to a light yellow/brown. Diamond colors are represented by letters. Diamonds D-F are colorless. Diamonds closest to D have the most desirable color. Diamonds colors represented by the further end of the alphabet are represented are a lower quality. Non-conventional colored stones (fancy yellow and pink)

 Cut: Cut is arguably one of the most important factors in a diamond’s value. Although sometimes confused with a diamond’s shape, a diamond’s cut refers to its brilliance (its ability to reflect light).

 Clarity: A diamond can have a number of natural inclusions (blemishes). These blemishes are indefitied by a trained eye through 10 power magnification). The nature of these inclusions determine the diamond’s grade.

 Carat: A carat refers to a diamond’s weight. The bigger the diamond, the rarer/more value it possesses. However, not all diamonds are created equal. Two large diamonds may have two very different values, since the color, cut, and clarity also factor into its worth.

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